Is New Broadview Manor a Licensed Home?

Yes. New Broadview Manor is licensed by NYS Department of Health. Our facility is inspected regularly and is in compliance with all Department of Health regulations.


How is room and board paid for?

Residents pay for room and board through their private funds. i.e. Social Security checks, Disability, Pensions, etc.  SSI rate is accepted where eligible. Services provided by Assisted Living Program are paid by Medicaid.


Must I sign a lease?

No. Residents sign an Admission Agreement upon admission to the facility. Thirty days notice in writing is required to move out.


What happens if I need a higher level of care?

If New Broadview Manor is no longer able to meet a residents prescribed needs in the Adult Home, a Nursing Assessment will be completed as well as a PRI (Progress Review Instrument) to determine the appropriate level of care for that resident.  Depending on the score, a resident will be enrolled into our Assisted Living Program or move on to a Nursing Home of their choice.


Are private rooms available?

Yes. Semi Private (two in a room) and Private rooms are available.Please inquire about availability and pricing.


Am I allowed visitors?

Yes. Visitors are welcome from 8am until 8pm.


If I have a complaint, concern or problem, what do I do?

We want you to be happy at New Broadview Manor and our “open door policy” enables you to come to the office with any concerns, questions or problems.  We also have a suggestion box if you prefer anonymity. Please give us the opportunity to resolve your issues quickly and amicably.


Can I handle my own finances?

Yes. We are ready to assist you with your financial needs, however, you or your family may handle your finances if you so choose.


Are there Doctors at the facility?

Yes. A Primary Physician visits the facility twice a week.  Psychiatrist comes  once a week.  Psychologists are here daily. Podiatrist weekly. Nursing Service is on premises 7 days week, 6:30am to 7pm. You may choose to see any doctor that visits the facility as your doctor or you may see a doctor outside the facility. All are paid through insurance.


Is there an Application or Application fee?

No. There is no application to fill out or an application fee.  Contact us for an appointment.  At appointment time, you will receive a tour and have a “Screening Interview” which is how we get to see if we can meet your expectations. You will be given a Medical Evaluation and a Mental Health Evaluation (if applicable) to have filled out by your doctor. Once the completed Evaluations are returned to us, and we are able to meet the needs your doctors say you need, we arrange a move in date. So, how fast or how slow the process goes is up to you.


Do I need to bring furniture?

No.  All rooms are fully furnished.(no television provided)  You need to bring your clothing and personal items.  You may have a clock, fan, radio and television but no cooking or heating appliances.


Are special diets available?

Yes.  Mild Salt restricted diet, Mild Sugar restricted diet and regular diets are available. Residents are served according to their prescribed diet.


Are Co-ed rooms allowed?

Yes. Several residents room with their significant other.


Is a pass required to go out?

No.  Residents are free to come and go as they please. We only ask you let us know when to expect you back.