Enjoy the Best Senior Living in Staten Island

New Broadview Manor Home For Adults is a 200 bed adult home facility licensed by the New York State Department of Health but privately owned and operated. The facility is located in the quiet, residential South Beach section of Staten Island in the shadow of the Verrazano Bridge and one block from the ocean and boardwalk.

We are dedicated to our residents’ comfort, well-being and quality of life. Our goal is to provide individual care to residents while ensuring they maintain their proper level of independence. We cater mainly to a geriatric population and services are provided with dignity and respect and are available to all residents regardless of race, creed, disability or national origin.


A Comfortable Atmosphere to Socialize and Live

The atmosphere at New Broadview Manor is one of a community rather than a facility. We are an extended family to some residents and to some the only family. Residents enjoy management’s “Open Door Policy” and it is not uncommon for residents to visit the office just to say, “Hi”, show pictures of grandchildren, have a dispute settled, show off the new clothes they bought or a new hairstyle. So this is life at New Broadview Manor while behind the scenes our well-trained staff is providing quality care according to each residents needs prescribed by their physician.


An Easy Transition into Assisted Living

If the time comes that a residents needs are such that the adult home is unable to provide such services (don’t forget we must follow New York State Department of Health Regulations for meeting the retention criteria of Adult Home Level of Care), then a Nursing Assessment is done to determine what level of care is needed for that resident. Luckily, since 2002 we are an approved Assisted Living Program, which offers additional services so residents now have the opportunity to stay in their “home” to age in place, rather than be uprooted and displaced to a nursing home having to leave everything familiar to them as it was in the past.

Residents requiring Assisted Living Program services are enrolled in the Program only with physician’s orders to do so. A Nursing Assessment will be performed and an individual Plan of Care will be written by our Director of Patient Services, who is a Professional Registered Nurse. All Care Plans are written according to the Medical Evaluation completed by the Residents Primary Physician ordering these services and also a Progress Review Instrument (PRI) which
is the acceptable method of determining a level of care needed. Other than signing admission papers, the resident is not stigmatized as needing “more care” since all residents are integrated and all information is treated as confidential. There is no special floor for Assisted Living vs Adult Home residents and there is no apparent distinction between the two. A resident enrolling in the Assisted Living Program continues their daily routine that they enjoy while receiving the additional services they require.


Available Amenities and Services for All Residents

  • Personal Laundry is done weekly, or as needed
  • Full Daily Recreational Program
  • Monthly Parties with Live Entertainment
  • Holiday Parties and Special Events
  • Weekly Friday Shopping Bus
  • Twice-Daily Snacks
  • Resident-led Resident Council Meetings
  • Menu and Recipes written by licensed nutritionist
  • 3 meals a day – All meals are served in the dining room and include 1st and 2nd choice
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Bedding and Towels are provided and changed weekly
  • Bar soap and toilet paper
  • Bathrooms equipped with safety toilet rails and shower grab bars
  • Air Conditioning throughout facility
  • Physicians visiting facility
  • Medication Management
  • Assistance with Bathing and Grooming
  • Doctor appointment scheduling and transportation arrangement
  • Case Management
  • Emergency Call System available in each residents room and bathroom
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Backyard Patio
  • Salon
  • Security and Safety Systems
  • Cable TV accessible
  • Smoking Room
  • Religious Services
  • On Site Mental Health Services
  • Multi-lingual staff (English, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Yiddish, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian)

*Nursing Services Available on site – not included in monthly fee, billed to insurance

Fully furnished Semi Private Room – Double occupancy
Fully furnished Private Room – Single occupancy

Contact us for rates and availability

Monthly fees paid through private funds, Social Security, Pensions, Disability, etc.
We do accept SSI rate and assist with application where eligible.